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Frequent Asked Questions


How Can Single Touch Be Adjusted to Multi-Touch on Windows 7?

The possibility depends on the system's native support for multi-touch.


What Are the Specifications for Anti-glare and Anti-fingerprint Coatings?

Parameters for anti-glare (AG) glass refer to ordinary cover glass with specific lifespan differences. Anti-fingerprint parameters are similar to those of standard cover glass, with effectiveness lasting 0-6 months.


What Is the Maximum Size for Laminated Cover Glass?

The maximum production size is 900x600 mm, with 600 mm being the width.


What Causes and Affects the Probability of Defects During the Lamination Process?

Defects can occur due to accidental scratches on the ITO, with the probability increasing with product size. Communication with customers regarding the possibility of non-100% yield rates is important.

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